Climbing Classes


Belay Certification Class

$30 Non-Members/$15 Members (Appointment Only)

- Day of class climbing pass and equipment rental
- Coupon for additional day pass and equipment rental (w/in 30 days)
- This hands-on class teaches anyone ages 16 and older all the necessary skills to safely climb in our Top-Roping Area. Learn the proper knots, equipment use, and the belay system.


Lead Climbing Certification Class

$35 Non-Members/$25 Members (Appointment Only)

This class covers the essentials of lead climbing as it applies to our facility. This class includes proper belaying skills, leading skills, and a few tricks of the trade. This class is limited to experienced climbers who can consistently on-site 5.9 or above.


Private Lessons

Ever wonder how some climbers can effortlessly send problems or routes that always elude you? Do you know what a drop-knee is? What about a gaston? Believe it or not, there is much more to climbing than getting to the top of the wall. Everyone has different climbing goals. The experienced and knowledgeable instructors at The Climbing Wall can help you move towards your climbing goals