The Climbing Wall, Inc. opened in the fall of 1992. With over 14,000 square feet of climbing for all skill levels, it features plenty of top roping, a 50 foot lead wall, and a huge bouldering area.  New routes are set several days of the week.


When Bouldering , the climber stays close to the ground, so no rope is needed. Without the worries of ropes and equipment, you can easily climb dozens of fun and challenging “problems” in a few hours. You need only your shoes, chalk, some courage & a lot of desire. Bouldering is a good introduction to rock climbing. Its a great way to quickly improve your strength and technique. One of the best aspects of Bouldering is the camaraderie. Its easy to socialize between attempts, making it possible to converse with your friends as well as connect with other local climbers.

Bouldering Area Features:

  1. 8,000 square feet of climbing walls

  2. 5ft.-15ft. high walls

  3. 3 top out areas

  4. Overhangs, vertical, slabs, cave


When top-roping, the climber is attached to a rope by a harness. The belayer, the person who manages the rope (belays), protects the climber in the event of the fall. Its a great way for both beginners and experienced climbers to push their limits. Endurance and problem-solving are the only ways to conquer the challenges presented by our top-roping routes.  There is at least 3 routes on every wall ranging in difficulty from 5.5 (easy) to 5.13 (hard).

No experience in top-roping? TCW has introductory classes to teach you everything you need to know to safely climb in our gym.

Top-roping Area Features:

  1. 6,500 square feet of climbing walls

  2. 12 15ft.-30ft. high walls

  3. Overhangs, roofs, vertical, slabs, cracks

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